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What is a coordinated assessment?
Coordinated assessment is a powerful tool designed to ensure that homeless persons are matched with the right intervention, among all of the interventions available in the CoC, as quickly as possible.

The CE Provider for Coordinated Entry is now Tahoe Homeless Coalition 

Visit their website at:   https://tahoehomeless.org/

What is a coordinated entry system?
Coordinated Entry System (CES) Referred to as the “match.com” of homeless services, the Coordinated Entry System (CES) streamlines the process of finding housing for those who are chronically homeless — with the goal of housing the most vulnerable people first.

Coordinated entry is a process developed to ensure that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access and are quickly identified, assessed for, referred, and connected to housing and assistance based on their strengths and needs.

Phones are staffed Monday through Friday from 10-12 to make Assessment Appointments. 

 The Coordinated Entry System aligns the Single Adult, Family, and Youth Systems into a seamless, collaborative, county-wide platform for housing and service delivery to homeless households.

What is Coordinated Entry?


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To get a Survey Completed and get entered into our county system, call 530.600.2822

What is the CoC?

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is designed to promote communitywide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, and State and local governments to quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and communities by homelessness; promote access to and effect utilization of mainstream programs by homeless individuals and families; and optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.