"My life completely went upside down when I made a very poor choice to drink and drive. I found myself losing everything and staying in a house that was not good for my well-being. Only Kindness and the Rapid Re-Housing program helped me get into a room to call my own. Then I began working and completed all court requirements. Now three and half years later I am fully employed, have a car, and have moved into my own place. Their kindness and hand up allowed me to rebuild my life. And Nikki has always been there to help or just listen. I cannot express my gratitude and love I have for this organization. Thank you so much for everything." Respectfully, SR (2022)

What is Rapid Rehousing?

Rapid Re-Housing can provide rental assistance and security deposits as well as landlord advocacy, assistance with finding affordable housing and case management assistance for families and/or individuals who are homeless with the goal of moving them into permanent housing.

This is NOT Emergency Housing.  It can take 20 business days  + to get approved and get a check into a landlords hands.  Please plan accordingly.



Contact us: Phone: 530.344.1864 | Email: info@onlykindness.net |

Late appointment arrivals may result in rescheduled appointments.  This process usually takes 1 to 3 face to face meetings in order to get all the documentation we need to proceed through to approval(s) stage.


All required documents must be submitted at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Incomplete packages will require scheduling a new appointment.


Failure to supply sufficient information will result in your appointment being rescheduled. 

We can NOT turn your package in for approval without the proper documentation. 


(We will also work with you to gather docs as needed)

  • All adults’ driver’s license or I.D.’s
  • All household members’ social security cards
  • Verification of all income
  • COURT ORDERED 14-day eviction notice (if applicable)
    • NOTE: this is the only way a housed client can qualify for RRH
  • Prospective Landlord’s name, mailing address, phone number and fax number (if applicable)
  • Prospective apartment or unit address, unit number, complex name, etc.
  • Lease or rental agreement (must be signed by both Landlord and Tenant to apply for RRH Funds)

PLEASE NOTE: Our team will have to physically inspect the living unit prior to submission for application approval. If you are trying to get into an apartment, please know that we will try to expedite all of our processes, but including gathering all documentation with proper signatures and a signed lease takes anywhere from 15 – 30 business days to get funds into a landlord’s hands.  


IT IS Rapid, but not necessarily immediate.

 There are 3 Phases to this program:

PRE-APPROVAL/Initial Application Process

This is a face to face meeting where you and ALL adult household members will be asked to complete our county’s Coordinated Entry Process and be entered into the Homeless Management Information System. We ask you for homelessness history and enter your data into our online database system for our records. You will be filling out a number of forms to verify eligibility and at this face to face appointment we must receive all documents – including the signed lease to proceed if we are to ask for funding.



ONCE APPROVED, we will process our internal paperwork and request the funds to get you into the unit. This can take up to 15-30 business days. We will contact the landlord and let them know if you’ve been approved.  Remember, this is subject to funds availability.


ALL RRH funding recipients must participate in regular Case Management Services.

These can be, but are not limited to the following:

  • Completing a Good Tenant Certificate Course
  • Monthly In Home and Office Visits Upon request of Case Manager or other team member
  • Budgeting – including a requirement to keep, organize and log all receipts and confer with Case Manager - in person or by phone
  • Strict adherence to ALL apartment/complex/unit rules
  • You MUST agree to NOT allow anyone to stay or hang out or otherwise appear to be living at your apartment/unit unless we get them approved by a Landlord.  This is the number one cause for RRH clients losing their housing within the first 90 days of occupancy.
  • If you feel you will be unable to meet any of these requirements you are always welcome to come back when you are.


 Additional Notes

  • If you are on SSI – you need to inform SSA of any ongoing funding support as this may affect your benefits. This is the responsibility of the client.
  • You are expected to be an active part of this program once housed. Failure to participate could result in your being released from the program where no additional or ongoing funding or services will be offered.
  • Know that we are here to help you succeed –to prevent loss of housing, to help you relearn, if needed – how to live with others and become sustainable well into the future.

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