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The Veterans Outreach project is aimed at reaching Veterans who may be in need of behavioral health services. This population was identified as an underserved group during the Community Program Planning process.

Services provided under this project may include, but may not be limited to:
• Outreach to Veterans and families particularly those who are homeless or involved in the criminal justice system
• Outreach Workers will perform intake interviews and assessments for inclusion into the local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and to evaluate the immediate needs for referral to the Unmet Needs Team
• Provide linkage to needed resources, including behavioral health, physical health, housing, or other services, and follow-up to ensure linkages were successful
• Provide referrals to Behavioral Health for Veterans who exhibit symptoms, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Service Connected Disability Benefit Application Assistance/Referrals
• Document processing including Civilian and Military ID’s

The project will also allow for ancillary supports to Veterans and families including, but not necessarily be limited to assistance with housing costs, transportation, phones, food and emergency shelter.

24 hours:

Tough cases:

1. Refusing help. Threatening violence. Public health menace. Had to call police. Filed report with APS. Briefed teammates.

2. Terrorizing family. Dementia. In mental health lock down. Discharge plan? Bring him back? No way! Try this social worker. Or this one. Or this one. Note to self. He needs LPS Conservatorship.

3. He is back. In a motel. How is that possible? He is supposed to not be ambulatory. Cannot transfer. Refused appropriate placement. He wants to talk to me? What can I do?

But then...Piece of cake:

“I know he is hard to deal with...”
Are you kidding? Compared to the rest of the day?

Maybe Victory Village. Maybe SVRC. Maybe Salvation Army. Maybe SSVF or HUD-VASH (VA paid for housing programs).

 Finally. Someone I can help.

David Zelinsky 
Service Officer 
American Legion Post 119

Take that first step to Stability for you and your family....

Come down and get an intake completed to get

the services you deserve at

El Dorado Veteran Resources

~ A Permanent Stand Down ~

Located at the Veterans Memorial Hall Building on Placerville Drive

Honoring and Empowering Veterans


Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM

No-cost resources, emergency shelter, food, transportation/fuel assistance, clothing, household items, peer support, yoga & qi gong, referrals to housing assistance, SSI, VA Benefits, Physical & Behavioral Health services & more!


Only Kindness, Inc. has been serving the homeless and at risk of homelessness population of El Dorado county for many years.

Since July of 2014, in collaboration with Veterans organizations, a separate Veterans fund has been established.

In addition to helping Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, the following services are being provided:

  • Liaison with Veterans Court
  • Working with Veterans in EDC jails
  • Helping county departments serve at risk veterans
  • Providing transportation, bus passes, assistance with DMV, gas cards
  • Buying food and meals
  • Postage and shipping for documents and applications
  • Working with the Mather homeless primary clinic
  • Working with the Veterans commission