You must have an Intake done to be eligible for RRH Funding.  To get a survey done: CALL 530.600.2822.  Phones are staffed M-F 10-12 to make Assessment Appointments.

Are you - or someone you know - homeless, a veteran or about to be homeless?

Email your thoughts, or call us and make an appointment to come see us in person.


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Much of our team's work is not seen by the public, including the thousands of hours of critical services we provide to veterans and their families. Are you a VET? Call Us @ 530.344.1864

If you are homeless and need help getting housed again; we're here to help.  Call us ASAP for an intake appointment.  Let's take steps together to get you back on your feet.

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We care about our community. We care about the plight of homeless families and individuals. 
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