Life’s distractions can sometimes make us lose touch with what really matters. And when life gets away with us, it can be hard to keep up with the people we love. Today, send a text or email to an old friend, or pick up the phone and give them a call. Imagine the joy you’d feel hearing from someone you love and haven’t talked to in ages—today, give that same feeling to another person.

IMPORTANT NEWS: 11.07.2019   We just received our award letters for the next grant rounds.  When we sign contracts and are able to expend funds - we will post it here!  Congrats to Only Kindness & El Dorado County!  STAY TUNED.

We care about our community. We care about the plight of homeless families and individuals. 
​We care about you.

Our goal is to get you off the streets as quickly as we can.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP - CALL 530.344.1864.

 You will need a Coordinated Assessment if you are homeless and trying to get approved for Rapid Rehousing Assistance.  Click on the Coordinated Entry Button or here for more info:

If you are homeless and need help getting housed again; we're here to help.  Call us ASAP for an intake appointment.  Let's take steps together to get you back on your feet.

Much of our team's work is not seen by the public, including the thousands of hours of critical services we've provided to veterans and their families.

2019.12 Holiday Support Guide

Are you - or someone you know - homeless, a veteran or about to be homeless?

Email your thoughts, or call us and make an appointment to come see us in person.

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Coordinated Entry is a shared and standardized method for connecting people experiencing homelessness to the resources available in a given community.

Our organization works because of our supporters -like you. 

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We're glad you're here.

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