With $380k, we served (unduplicated) 250 individuals.  Services provided (duplicated clients) total about 360.   

$270k from VOP provided Emergency Shelter for 52 veterans and housing for 47 and health support for 14. 

100+ received food or gas cards and other direct services.

$80k from Emergency Solutions Grant provided housing for 33. 

(That's $2400 per client to get stabilized. )

Emergency Shelter    61 clients served 81 times   

(52 of which were Veterans)
Housing                       80 clients served 172 times 

(47 or which were Veterans)
Health                          14 Veterans (including one family), all mental health supports
Other                           92 clients served mostly Veterans

We care about our community. We care about the plight of homeless families and individuals. 
​We care about you.

Our goal is to get you off the streets as quickly as we can.

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2019 was a busy year!

Are you - or someone you know - homeless, a veteran or about to be homeless?

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If you are homeless and need help getting housed again; we're here to help.  Call us ASAP for an intake appointment.  Let's take steps together to get you back on your feet.


We have a limited amount of Rapid Rehousing Funds available now.

CALL 344-1864 for an Assessment Appointment!

Please Note: This is NOT Emergency Housing. It can take 20+ business days  to get approved and get a check into a landlords hands. 

Please plan accordingly.

You must have an up to date Intake done to be eligible for RRH Funding.  To get a survey done: CALL 530.600.2822.  Phones are staffed M-F 10-12 to make Assessment Appointments.

Much of our team's work is not seen by the public, including the thousands of hours of critical services we provide to veterans and their families. Are you a VET? Call Us @ 530.344.1864

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